Tefillin are small leather boxes that contain parchment scrolls inscribed with the sacred Jewish prayer, the "Shema". During weekday morning prayers, Jewish adult men are commanded to wear Tefillin on their arm and head. The sages teach us that the merit of this mitzvah serves as a shield against anti-Jewish threats, providing safety for the wearer, his family, and for all of Israel.

Join Tefillin Club every Sunday morning at 9:00 AM for an opportunity to learn about and appreciate the enriching Jewish practice of donning Tefillin. Learn how to wear them, pray with them, and enjoy fresh brewed coffee and Torah Shmooze.

Bring your own Tefillin, or use a set provided by us if you don't have your own.



Jewish mysticism teaches that all of the Jewish commandments (Mitzvahs) are equal to the single act of donning a pair of Tefillin.

Imagine that!  In one instant, on a fine Monday  morning with Chabad, you can lay claim to your rights as a proud "Badge Wearing" trooper in the eternal history of "Your People".

Our Sages also teach that the Mitzvah of Tefillin serves as a protective shield against any and all anti-Jewish threats. So, by turning on your "Tefillin Power" you can provide additional safety insurance for yourself, your family, and all of Israel.

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