Chabad of Venice Chesed Programs

Bikur Cholim:

There are many elderly and/or homebound individuals that are very lonely, and this leaves them depleted of all energy and joy. The Bikur Cholim project was developed to provide friendship via visits that might include reading books or magazines, conversing, taking a stroll, playing games or cards, writing letters, organizing photos or celebrating a Jewish holiday.

Commitment needed: Weekly or Monthly visiting a specific individual that you will be assigned to.

Loaves of Love description:
The Loaves of Love program was designed to provide Challah and/or chicken soup to the lonely, recently sick, homebound, out of surgery, or just for someone going through a hard time. There's nothing like a fresh loaf of Challah or warm chicken soup to brighten someone's day.

Commitment needed: Weekly or Monthly to deliver Challah on Fridays.

If you would like to get a visitor assigned or know of someone please email [email protected] or call 941-493-2770.