Thanks to the generosity of Andrew & Melanie McGill, a new memorial wall has been set up at Chabad.

Our sages tell us that the best memorial for a loved that has passed on is to donate Tzedaka (Charity) in their memory.  You can dedicate a plaque on the Memorial, which will bear the name and date of the passing of a loved one, with a $540 tax- deductibe donation. 

Many people wish to honor their loved ones by placing their names on a memorial board that remains fixed on a wall in the Chabad House - a place of prayer, study and education, social and charitable work - thereby ensuring everlasting memory.

Names inscribed on the plaque will have their Yahrtzeit observed in the following manner:

  • A card will be mailed each year with a reminder of the day of the Yahrtzeit.
  • The memorial bulb will be lit during the month of the yahrtzeit and during all Yizkor days.

The cost for inscription on a bronze nameplate is $540. (It can be paid in payments.) Please fill out the form below to have your loved one added to the memorial board. Rabbi will contact you to collect the necessary information to have the plaque properly prepared.



First Name
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I would  like to dedicate   plaques at the cost of $540/plaque. Please inscribe the following name on the memorial tablet:
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First Name:  
Hebrew Name: 
Hebrew Name: 
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Please send Yahrtzeit cards to the following people on the yahrtzeit:

Full Address: 

Full Address: 

100% of the proceeds of this donation or payment benefit Chabad of Venice & North Port.