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The Future of the Jewish Community is in Your Hands


The Chabad of Venice Life & Legacy Project is an initiative that invites and encourages people to consider eternalizing their lives and legacies by endowing gifts of continuity and vitality to the Jewish community.

By making a bequest to Chabad of Venice & North Port part of your estate-planning, you’d be benefiting so many – spiritually and physically – in the Jewish community, and even beyond it. As the saying goes, “Our lives are not measured in years, but in the lives we touch through our acts of kindness.”

The Life & Legacy Project is not designed to get us thinking about our mortality, but about our immortality. It is about our love for life; how we cherish life as a gift much bigger than ourselves in the here and now. It is about how we live on through the goodness we facilitate on behalf of G d’s children.

Of course, this is not intended to be at the expense of the needs and financial security of your loved ones, but as a prudent and generous supplement to it.

Indeed, the issue is not the size of your estate or sum of your bequest, but the dual-realization that estate-planning is an essential part of responsible living, and the allocation of a portion of one’s estate to Tzedakah is a long-standing Jewish tradition known to bring merit to the soul in the hereafter.

We thus ask that you make Chabad of Venice a beneficiary of your planned giving – to the extent you deem appropriate. It will be meaningful to you. It will be meaningful to the children and grandchildren of this and future generations.

Building bridges m’dor l’dor, from generation to generation, is who we are. We look out not only for ourselves in our days, but also for others in days to come.

Now is the time to join “The Life & Legacy Society.”



All of us, regardless of age, wealth or affiliation, have the ability to leave a legacy. Your legacy gift of any size can be customized and structured to fit your dreams, lifestyle, family and financial needs. You can provide support for a particular organization or area of interest.  Leaving a legacy is simple. Some options include: 

  • Gift in a will (bequest) 
  • Gift of life insurance 
  • Gift of IRA or retirement assets 
  • Gift of cash or appreciated stock 
  • Charitable Gift Annuity 
  • Charitable Remainder Trust 

To become a donor within the LIFE & LEGACY program all it is needed is to complete our LETTER OF INTENT form. This is your promise of a legacy gift to one or more local LIFE & LEGACY partners.


For information on leaving a LEGACY to Chabad of Venice, please contact:

Rabbi Sholom Schmerling -  941.493.2770 -  [email protected]


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if you have formalized your original Letter of Intent by making the necessary legal arrangements:

Simply complete the LEGACY GIFT CONFIRMATION or contact Rabbi Sholom for further information.

Life & Legacy Society Members:

(Listing as of September 2023)

Scott Anderson 
Morton Bachikoff 
Lynn Bernstein 
Richard* & Mary Berlin
Fenia Biron 
Dr. Robert* & Dasi Brent Shmuel & Rochel Leah Brook Marcia Caplan 
Vivian Chaslian 
David Chaifetz
Carol Cobb 
Abbie Davis 
Mark Eichner 
Sandy Fields 
* Brian Fogelson
Arthur & Sheila Fox 
Gene & Shelley Gelpke
Leonard & Robin Gersen 

*Cecilia Moyerman
Andrew & Melanie McGill Shirley Glover
Robert & Luisa Goldman
*David Goldstein
Israel Gopstein
Richard & Toni Gortz
Dr. Robert Greenwald
Lisa Jodwalis
Howard Kestenberg
Harry & Sura Kochman
Mary Kotler
Joel Kovacs
Roman & Mira Kozyr
*Michael Lackman
Philip Lieberman
Yuri & Berta Livshetz

Dr. Willard & Joyce Lyons 
Mira Matchin 
Maria Murphy* 
David Oden 
Nancy Patton 
Chaya Perera 
Semyon & Marya Popovctsky Vladimir & Alexandra Popovetsky Dr. Oren Pious 
Jacob* & Lena Rakhminov
Izabela & Boris* Rubin 
David Rubin 
Dan & Shellie Rubin 
Jason Ross 
Harry Samuels 
Channy Schmerling 
Rabbi Sholom & Chaya Schmerling Sima Schupakevich 
Gerald & Barbara Shapiro 
David & Larissa Shutovsky
Michael & Nonna Sukhovitsky
Clay Shafton 
Judy Sokal 
Abram & Lena Stekolshchik
Michael Stiller & Cynthia Fabian Ronnie & Myron* Storch 
Frank & Lana Usherenko 
Merrill and Sheila Wynne 
Linda Wolfe 
Alex & Ritta Vainer 
Jerry & Gayle* Zingerman 

*Of Blessed Memory