As Chabad of Venice grows in members and friends, so do the activities and programs which accommodate the growing needs of our community.

A recent addition to our Chabad was the acquisition of a Jewish Cemetery section named: “Jerusalem Gardens” at Venice Memorial Gardens, 1950 Center Rd in Venice, for the benefit of the Jewish residents.

This cemetery is to be used for all Jews of our community, the affiliated and non-affiliated alike.

The land of the cemetery is considered holy and a special consecration ceremony took place upon its inauguration in September of 2018.

Due to popular demand, we have recently expanded (March 2021) our serene cemetery, but spaces are limited.

According to Jewish tradition, Jewish burial grounds are sacred sites and must remain undisturbed in perpetuity. Establishing a cemetery is one of the first priorities for a Jewish community. 
Showing proper respect for the dead (kevod ha-met) is intrinsic to Jewish law. The connection between the soul and the human body after death is an essential aspect of Jewish belief in the eternity of the soul. 

To ensure that the requirements for Jewish burial are met and that each member of the community is afforded a proper Jewish burial, Chabad of Venice established The "Venice Chevrah Kadisha" (The Holy Society) to provide these services. 

It is important to look to the future and plan ahead. In the short time between death and burial of a loved one, many family members find themselves rushing to buy a cemetery plot often without careful thought or a personal visit to the site. That is why it is in the family's best interest to buy plots before you need them. Do not leave the decision to the loved ones.

If you need additional information or are interested in purchasing a plot, or to schedule a visit to the cemetery, please contact the Chabad office at 941.493.2770

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