Dear Friend, 

Chabad High Holiday Services in Venice are awaited every year for its sense of community and its spiritual energy boost that it gives people all year long.  The community loves being together, especially in the High Holiday season. That’s the time of year when we all charge up our batteries.

This year, we need to be creative to provide High Holiday services albeit in a safe way for all.  Our goals are to provide you with much-needed inspiration and a sense of connection to the community and to G‑d as we begin the New Year.

Based on responses from our High Holiday survey, CDC guidelines, and advice from our doctors and rabbinical authorities, we will be offering services options both Indoors (Chabad sanctuary) and outdoors in a large open tent (Chabad Parking Lot).  Each service will be limited in numbers and in duration to ensure social distance.  Please help us as we prepare for you and reserve for the service you would like to attend. Reservations are required this year as services will be capped per size. or call 941.493.2770

As always Chabad will provide traditional and inspirational services in a warm and friendly atmosphere.  There is no affiliation necessary and no membership fees or tickets.  Hebrew/English Prayer-Books will be provided.

These are confusing and challenging times and any decision you make for the High Holidays will be the right one for you.  Everyone has their own sets of circumstances that will dictate their comfort level with attending in person services this year.  We just want you to have the tools to celebrate the High Holidays in any way you feel is safe.

Spiritual Seats: For those who have always reserved a seat for the Holidays but will be unable to attend Services in person; we are offering you the option to still be part of our Service. By purchasing your Spiritual Seats, the Rabbi will include your names in the prayers, thereby giving you the sense of belonging and the powerful Divine merit of Holiday attendance.

Holiday in at Home Kit: We will be offering a taste of the Holidays with a giveaway Holiday Foods, plus a beautifully printed Holiday Guide of Prayers and Insights that you will be able to use for your own home-bound Holiday Service.

Prayer Book:
  A prayer book (Machzor) can be provided to you for pick-up or mail delivery.

Pre-Holiday Classes & Inspiration:  We will be offering classes and DIY training to inspire services at home as well as recording and sending out the High Holiday Sermons before the holiday.

Yizkor Memorial Booklet: We are in the midst of compiling the annual Yizkor Booklet. By inscribing your
loved ones in the Yizkor Book, we will announce their name as a part of the Keil Malei prayer at each of the four Yizkor
services throughout the coming Jewish year of 5781(2020-21). To include the name of a loved one,
please visit: 

May you and yours be inscribed and sealed in the Book of Life for a happy, healthy and sweet year.

Shanah Tovah!


Rabbi Sholom Schmerling