Chaya Rivka Schmerling
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Rabbi Sholom Schmerling
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Hadassah Buchman

Rabbi Yosef Buchman

Lora Drobinsky

Meir (Clay) Shafton

Linda Wo

Nechama Schmerling

 Any school is only as good as its teachers. Chabad Hebrew School prides itself in selecting teachers who are as excited about teaching as our children are about learning. Our teacher are passionate about giving our students fundamental language skills – reading, writing, and basic comprehension.

Our Judaica staff each breathe what they teach. Each teacher is a true role model for our students. Through their education, they have learned the strategies to successfully share Judaism with children of all levels of knowledge and ability.

Additionally, all our teachers understand and implement developmentally appropriate and applicable lessons and activities geared to each age and level of background.