COVID 19 At-Risk Community Support
» We're here to help

We are right here. 

As our office are closed, our caring hearts do not. We are here now as we always are to listen, and walk you through this time of crisis and uncertainty.

Our main number, 941-493-2770, is being answered. In addition Rabbi Sholom is available 24/7 on his cell 941.330.4477. 

Chabad of Venice 
"Coronavirus Relief Fund"

 There will be a time in the near future, God willing, the virus, and its' challenging reality will be behind us.
Some have lost loved ones, some are in need of prayers for health, others need a blessing for their very difficult financial state.
Each and Every one of you are in our hearts and prayers.

Chabad of Venice was here. Chabad of Venice is here. Chabad will forever be here for everyone in our community.

During times such as these, the need is more than ever. 
Chabad of Venice has not stopped working to help our community with over 300 food packages, groceries, and emergency bills.

100's of weekly check-in calls by our staff and volunteers. Virtual classes, services and Hebrew school via phone calls and Zoom.

In addition, during the coronavirus, we have launched the

"Shabbat Love Packages"

Each week, over 50 meals will be delivered to the homebound, the seniors who cannot leave their homes, and to those that can use a "pick me up" during these challenging times.

There is NO CHARGE for these meals and packages.

How can YOU assist?

I would like to support this project by making a donation!

or mail to: Chabad of Venice Relief Fund, 21560 Angela Ln, Venice, FL 34293

I would like to help deliver packages on any Friday.

I would like to order a Shabbat Love Package for myself or someone in need.

All orders must be in by Wednesday 10 am.  

Responses we received this week, from the people that received the Shabbat love Packages:
(* Names has been changed to protect their privacy)

Peter * (age 92)
I needed to go buy food this week, but it was pouring rain on Friday. I wasn't sure how to get out of my house when Chabad called and delivered a Shabbat Love Package. What a miracle, I didn't need to go out in this terrible weather and I was fed a delicious meal!

Kim * (battling cancer)
I was not able to leave my home, due to my low immunity from the cancer that I am battling. Chabad called and told me a Shabbat love package was on the way. I cant' tell you how it not only warmed by body, but my heart as well. You were a light in this very dark time.

Laura * (young woman who is ill)
I haven't left my house in days. My sister keeps calling me from Ohio, begging me to go out and get some food, but I haven't had the strength. Chabad called and said they are delivering a Shabbat Love Package. I have no words to tell you how that meal literally saved my life today.

Susan * 
I have been going through such a challenging time for the past few weeks, as a close relative of mine has the virus. The Shabbat Love Package came at such perfect timing, right when my heart needed a hug.   

» Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed to help with delivering food & supplies, making welfare checks, running errands, and packing care packages. If you are willing and able to help, please fill out our volunteer form .
Virtual Classes & Services via Zoom and Phone

Login from your Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone at:

Password is: Chabad 

Zoom Meeting ID: 666 534 8880

You can also call in this number on the phone, if you don't have a computer:

(312)-626-6799  Meeting ID: 666 534 8880

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