We offer Shabbat and Holiday Services that are joyous, engaging and uplifting. You'll feel right at home with our warm and friendly atmosphere, with lively singing the continuous explanations and a delicious Kiddush following Services.
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   5:30 PM Kabbalat Shabbat Services | Winter Friday Night
   7:30 PM Kabbalat Shabbat Services | Summer Friday Night
   9:30 AM Torah Class Every Shabbat Day
  10:00 AM Service Begins  Every Shabbat Day
  11:00 AM Torah Reading Every Shabbat Day
  12:30 PM Kiddush/ Luncheon Every Shabbat Day
   8:00 AM Daily Minyan Monday - Friday
   9:00 AM Tefillin Club & Shacharit Sunday
  10:30 AM Tuesday Women's Book Club Tuesday
  12:00 PM Bagels, Lox & Shmooze Tuesday
  12:30 PM JLI: World of Kabbalah | Jan 16 - Feb 20 Tuesday