"Chesed Social Program" Misssion Statement


Chabad of Venice & North Port "Chesed Program" is an extended family of compassionate social services that enriches the community and improves the lives of countless men, women and children of all religions, ethnicities and ages. Chabad has counseled families, fed the hungry, sheltered the homeless and protected the vulnerable.

At COV, we are volunteers, partners, donors and friends who all believe in one thing—we can change things and we’re going to do it as a family. This is the heart of Chabad of Venice & North Port: people touching people, reaching out to nurture lives filled with dignity, meaning and joy.

Food Bank


"Chesed Food Program" 

Chabad of Venice & North Ports "Chesed Food Program" strives to address the growing problem of hunger in South Sarasota County. Through our Program we provide groceries and other supportive services to individuals and families dealing with issues related to food insecurity. The Chabad Kitchen prepares healthy, nutritious, and meals for older adults and their caregivers. In addition, meals from our kitchen are delivered each week to homebound older and disabled adults. In crisis situations Chabad of Venice & North Port also provides emergency food vouchers. For more info click here.



“Loaves of Love”




This program takes place monthly - on the first Thursday of each Month.



“Loaves of Love” is am monthly Challah baking experience where people get together to learn the art of challah baking. In addition to going home with their own challah loaf, participants will make additional loaves for people in need of a “Loaf of Love”. It can be anyone from a home-bound senior, to a sick person in the hospital, or just someone who is going through a difficult time in their life.

In addition, volunteers who will deliver, will also offer comfort, counseling and support to those in need.

The  "Loaves of Love" program is proudly sponsored by The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee. for more info about the Federation go to  www.jfedsrq.org 


The Friendship Cirlce

The Friendship Cirlce is an academic and social enrichment program for children and youth, ages 5 to 18 from underprivileged families in South Sarasota County. Our program is open to all, regardless of background or beliefs.

FC believes in fostering learning within important relationships, using mentorship to teach attitudes, skills and values.

for more info call 941-493-2770 or email [email protected]