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Shabbat Services
Our friendly Service

Looking for an intimate meaningful Prayer experience... Try Chabad Jewish Center! At Chabad we don't pray with labels or levels. Every one talks to G-d on their level and in their language and pace. The service are led in the ancient traditional manner but are tailored to the individual's needs. Followed always by a scrumptious Kiddush.

* All are Welcome

* Spirited, song-filled prayers

* Warm, Friendly Community

* User-Friendly Services

* Relaxed, non-judgemental atmoshpere

* Hebrew/English Prayer-Books

All Services are held at the CHABAD JEWISH CENTER

21560 Angela Lane • Venice

Friday Evening Services at 6:30 pm in the Summer and 5:30 pm in the Winter

Shabbos Services at 10 am, Torah Reading & Sermon 11am Kiddush 12:30 pm.
Torah Study at 9:30 am  

Followed by a delicious sit down kiddush/lunch

To sponsor a kiddush in honor/memory of a loved one or for more info please call 941-493-2770 or email  [email protected]

Morning Shacharit on Sunday at 9 am 

 If you need a Minyan to say Kaddish for a Yartzeit, please contact Rabbi Sholom and he will be happy to make special arrangements.