Dear Parents,

Imagine a place where kids never want to miss a day? Imagine a place where children are to busy singing, doing, touching , dancing, playing and creating, to realize they're even learning!

You've just imagined the Venice Hebrew School of the Arts! A place where Judaism is inspired through the Universal language of the Arts.

Our Hebrew School has a particular focus on educating children through art, music and drama, enabling them to experience the ideas and ideals which are taught in a relevant and artistic manner. Additionally, we offer the Aleph Champ program, a detailed curriculum geared towards learning the Hebrew language. 

As a trend setter in creative Jewish education, our innovative program will inspire a love for our rich ancient heritage, with the creativity and beauty of modern-day art.

Children will be able to elect three of the arts throughout the year, offering a hands-on experience to truly understand its depth, meaning, and connection to Judaism. We will be joined by visiting artists and specialists to share their journey, and bring out the potential and talent in each of our students.

Our incredible staff caters their individual attention to each and every student, ages four through fourteen, each of whom come from various affiliations and backgrounds. In addition, we have an exclusive new Hebrew High - for kids post bar/bat mitzvah - so that they too can further their Jewish education, in a creative and exciting way!

I would love to have your child join us this year! Please feel free to contact me in order to schedule an interview, or for any question you might have.

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Scholarships are available through the Jewish Federation. Please visit:
and submit before the ​September 20th deadline.

Hebrew School 2019-2020 starts Wednesday, September 18, 2019.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Chaya Rivka Schmerling
Hebrew School Director